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Whatever your interests or plans, we can help make your dream summer Alaskan vacation a reality.

Renting an RV in Alaska is the greatest, easiest, and most affordable way to experience Alaska’s majestic beauty from the road as well as provide a gateway to off-road adventures such as hiking, chartered excursions via air, sea, and more. Alaska Road Adventures provides newer-model quality rental motorhomes offering the convenience and comfort of residence wherever you are while giving the option to cook your favorite camp-side recipe or experience Alaska’s many fine restaurants. Your room, meal preparation and transportation are rolled into one affordable amount that totals less than your typical hotel room. Campsites and RV parks abound giving you the freedom to plan your own itinerary and go when and where you wish at any given whim or change of weather. Make sure you bring your camera, appropriate clothing, etc. in preparation for a memorable once-in-a-lifetime vacation!